Name: D.D.KING
Birth: 31.03.1980
University: HETS gva
Mention: Education
Favourite movie: The Goonies
Favourite food: Sushi
Light motif: Love is The Message

Firstly known as Dave-Dee, D.D. King has been deejaying and making clubbers dance since 1992. Introduced to the Swiss club scene at a very early age, D.D. King quickly settled into the professional nightlife.

Indeed, at the age of 13 years old the best Swiss turntables were spinning under his magic! His style has evolved over the years, from the 90s Dance House rhythms to a mature Vocal House with an Afro flavor.

Together with his passion of djing D.D. King has opened different booking agencies (GENERATION 2000 and KING SIZE MANAGEMENT) allowing people all around the world to enjoy the best DJs. He has collaborated with most of the major Swiss house music clubs always presenting the best music.
In 2009, is dream finally came true with the opening of his playhouse, the Deep Club in Geneva. Which soon became the place to be for all the aficionados of House Music. Since 2001, D.D. King has shared his life with his Muse, Virginia aka KALYNDA whom he taught his art.
In 2011, a new area for D.D. King begins. His collaborations started growing and his interest into production finally became true. To name a few, he collaborated with Allen Di, Dorien Smith, Francis Scarlino, Steven Jamal and Bert Bevans.
In 2012, Mr. Mike, who introduced D.D. King into nightlife, signs D.D. King's first EP under his label MAP DANCE REC.
D.D.King's draws his inspiration from the Masters at Work, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Bert Bevans, Freddy Wilson, Spen, Jocelyn Brown, Ultra Nate, Barbara Tucker, Darryl DBonneau. Who for the most were D.D. King's idols (at the beginning of his career) and became good friends.

His friend Bert Bevans passed on some words of wisdom which he received from Larry Levan, (the father of Paradise Garage) and which has become DD Kings motto LIFE IS GOOD and LOVE IS THE MESSAGE.